The South Central Regional Training Partnership

The SCRTP originally encompassed the training activities of five Anglican Dioceses (Guildford, Winchester, Oxford, Portsmouth, Salisbury) together with The Southampton Methodist District and the Wessex Synod of The United Reformed Church. The Diocese of Bath & Wells joined us in 2012, and in May 2013 the Wessex Synod of the United Reformed Church decided to become Members rather than Partners.

The seven leaders of the sponsoring churches are Partners, i.e: six diocesan Bishops and the Chair of the Methodist District. Every training institution in the region can become a Member and all have now done so. From small beginnings, warm relationships have been established across denominational and ecclesiastical boundaries, as we work and pray together.


In terms of geography, the SCRTP reaches from Milton Keynes in the north, around the M25 to Guildford and south to the coast, taking in Portsmouth, Southampton and the Channel Islands.  From the coast, the west of the region includes all of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, much of Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Oxfordshire, reaching north as far as Banbury.


Originally there was start-up funding from the Ministry Division, and Partners and Members now pay an annual subscription.

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