Attendance at consultations is by invitation from your own diocese.

Each diocese pays for its own participants from its CMD budget.


We offer the following consultations:


First Responsibility

This consultation is designed to be an interactive piece of training that is shaped by your questions. This Consultation is for those who have recently been appointed to an incumbency status post. It is intended to help you understand your role more fully and give you the opportunity to explore, in an atmosphere of mutual confidence and away from the parish, any questions or concerns you may have.  It will also enable you to discern which areas you need to do more thinking about. It is designed to complement the guidance and preparation you receive within your own Diocese. 


New Post

This consultation is designed for clergy who have recently moved to a new post other than a curacy or first responsibility. It helps participants analyse their new context of ministry and identify future priorities. Those who attend this consultation should have been in their new post for about around 3 - 14 months.  There is no “taught” material in this course, participants work in small groups through a process to identify what they have found, their relationship with God, their hopes for the future and by the end some specifics for the next few months.  Much of the value of this course comes from interaction with colleagues in a similar position and the sharing of ideas 


Preparing For Retirement

This consultation will enable participants who are approaching retirement within the next five years or so to focus on a range of issues related to the closing years of public ministry and the opportunities for continuing discipleship, ministry and well-being when the particular public role has ended. We welcome spouses to this consultation and provide them with the opportunity to reflect on their own and with their partner on what this coming change of life and work might mean for them. 


Rural/Area Deans

As a recently appointed Rural or Area Dean this event aims to offer you an opportunity to reflect on the role, you are undertaking together with others in a similar position. to explore the different aspects of what is involved in this area of responsibility. to provide time and space for reflection, to resource people for their role and to consider how you might develop the life of your deanery within the overall mission and ministry of the church. 

The consultation is led by those with experience of continuing ministerial education and the work of a Rural or Area Dean, together with people of particular expertise from participating dioceses to enrich and facilitate our work together. 

The event offers an opportunity for mutual support through informal networking and fellowship and shared prayer and worship. The sessions explore the areas of the job description and its theological context, matters of ecclesiastical law, the role of the Chapter, the Pastoral committee, and the deanery synod, the cooperation of Dean and Lay Chair and issues relating to spirituality, ministry and mission. 


Working With The Newly Ordained

for those taking on specific responsibility for the training of a new clergyperson in their first post after ordination.