Local Ministry Framework combined with Local Preachers/Licensed Lay Ministers

Co Chairs: Steve Summers (Guildford Diocese) and
                  Philip Tovey (Oxford Diocese)

To coordinate the institutions that are validated within the framework and to participate in and develop its annual process of quality assurance.

Steve Summers         Diocese of Guildford         steve.summers@cofeguildford.org.uk
Graham Dodds Diocese of Bath&Wells   graham.dodds@bathwells.anglican.org
Mick Micklethwaite Diocese of Portsmouth mick@micklethwaite.net
Phillip Tovey Diocese of Oxford phillip.tovey@oxford.anglican.org
Duncan Strathie Diocese of Salisbury duncan.strathie@salisbury.anglican.org
Beth Dodd STETS bdodd@stets.ac.uk
Dave Foster Diocese of Winchester dave.foster@winchester.anglican.org
Jennifer Cole Diocese of Bath and Wells jennifer.cole@bathwells.anglican.org
Jennifer Martin Diocese of Winchester jennifer.martin@winchester.anglican.org
Pippa Ross-McCabe Diocese of Guildford p.rossmccabe@btinternet.com
Paul Dunthorne

Diocese of Winchester


Stella Wood


        Dioccese of 


Barbara Steele-Perkins Diocese of Guildford  barbarasteeleperkins@tiscali.co.uk