Transitions in Ministry


Transitions in Ministry (TIM) is a sub-group of the Continuing Ministerial Development group. We also regularly work with a number of Associate Trainers who contribute additional skills and experience to the team.


TIM offers a programme of residential consultations for clergy at transition points in their ministry. The training we deliver focuses particularly on the process of moving on to a new stage of ministry as well as on identifying and acquiring relevant skills.


Chair: Anthony Rustell


James Woodward


Andrea Russell, Diocese of Oxford


Mark Collinson, Diocese of Winchester


Peter Harwood, Diocese of Guildford


Jonathan Triffitt, Diocese of Salisbury


Charlie Peer


Chris Hill


Simon Taylor




Our ethos is inclusive and collaborative, based on learning from one another and sharing experience and good practice in an atmosphere of openness and trust. Our programme complements the CMD programmes of each individual diocese. By working across diocesan boundaries TIM enables larger gatherings on a more regular basis in a richer and more varied learning environment. We use a number of residential centres across the region.


Attendance at consultations is by invitation from your own diocese.

Each diocese pays for its own participants from its CMD budget.


We offer the following consultations:


First Responsibility

for those moving out of their curacy to take on a first responsibility as an incumbent, team vicar, or equivalent.


New Post

for those moving to a new post, particularly where the contexts are very different, e.g. rural to UPA, sector to parish.


Preparing For Retirement

for those within two to four years of retirement. Participants are led to explore the major adjustment of moving into retirement. Spouses are also invited to attend.


Rural/Area Deans

for those who have been asked to take on this leadership role.


Working With The Newly Ordained

for those taking on specific responsibility for the training of a new clergyperson in their first post after ordination.



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